…how can we help you?

  • What advice do we have for a customer looking to hire a provider like us?

    Find somebody who explains things in everyday language. IT people often speak with computer jargon, making it hard to understand.
  • What do we wish customers knew about us or our profession?

    We try to find a common language with our customers in the middle of the sea of IT jargon, with which they sometimes are not familiar

  • What do we like most about our job?

    Every customer’s request is different from the others and beyond what we would expect or assume. It is always interesting and stimulating!
  • Do we have a favorite story from our work?

    We had a customer who wanted to upgrade her computer, but had no clue where she could start. We took her PC shopping, explained to her which specs she should look at, depending on what she wanted, and helped her choose a PC package for her needs. We also set up the PC with her printer and internet equipment at her house to get her started.
  • How did we decide to get in our line of work?

    We think our research and problem-solving traits match the demands to close the variety of gaps between the current IT environment and people using computers.